Save Austin Oaks

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Begin QuoteResearch shows that neighborhoods shaded with trees stay 3 to 6 degrees cooler than neighborhoods without trees.End Quote

-- Austin Energy

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A live oak infected with oak wilt.

Stop Oak Wilt in Austin, Texas

Oak wilt is killing Austin’s live oaks and red oaks. Please help stop the spread of this disease by making a donation to Save Austin Oaks. See a picture of the devastation caused by oak wilt.

Steps to Control Oak Wilt

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May 5th, Trenching to begin: Trenching is scheduled to begin the first half of our trenching project on Tuesday, May 5.

May 7th, First Thursday: Many South Congress merchants are donating a generous percentage of their profits all day on Thursday, May 7, to Save Austin Oaks. Look for this flyer to identify supporting merchants.

May 19th, Guero's Concert: Live Music and Silent Auction under the oaks at Guerro's

Thanks to Hotel Saint Ceilia: The beautiful Hotel Saint Cecilia hosted an elegant fundraiser for SAO on Sunday evening, April 19. Guests enjoyed food, beverages and live music, all under the Hotel's spectacular, historic live oaks.

Stop the spread of oak wilt in Austin by making a tax-deductible donation.