Save Austin Oaks

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About Us

Save Austin Oaks is a non-profit organization formed by residents of Travis Heights and the South River City Citizens (SRCC) Neighborhood Association. Our mission is to stop the spread of oak wilt and the killing of live oaks and red oaks in Travis Heights and the rest of Austin by containing existing oak wilt infections, educating the public on how to prevent new infection centers, and diversifying our urban forest.


  • -Linda & Mark Ahern
    -Mike Barr
    -Bruce Barrick
    -Bill Bishop
    -Elizabeth Brooks and
     Don Moeller
    -Bouldin Creek
     Neighborhood Assoc.
    -Marla Camp and
     Jeff Kessel
    -Sarah Campbell
    -Elizabeth and
     Nathaniel Chapin
    -Danette Chimenti
    -Christ Lutheran Church
    -Jean Drew
    -Terry Franz and
     J. Sage White
    -Brenda & Cliff Ladd
    -Brooks Kasson
    -Jean Mather
    -Kim & Kevin McPherson
    -Garret Nick
    -Kenny Hilbig and
     Michael Rynes
    -Robin Sanders
    -South River City
    -Patty & John Trowbridge
    -Betty Weed and
     Steve Jackobs