Save Austin Oaks

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Case Studies

There have been several successful projects done within the City of Austin. You can learn more about these projects by visiting the Austin Parks and Recreation website.

A brief list of these projects is included below:

  • Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association. (Bouldin/Christopher/Columbus Streets.  1,500 feet of trench done in in 1996).
  • Castlewood / Oak Valley Neighborhood Association - COVNA (Multiple Trench Project in 1994).
  • Northwest Austin Civic Association: Multiple projects completed from 1988 through most recent in 2000 which was a 2,400 ft trench that went in for approximately $100K.
  • South River City Citizen's Association: Original "Live Oak Festival" trench in 1988 - E. Mary.
  • West Austin Neighborhood Group - WANG: Large project done in 1993 - 1,900 feet of street cut trench.
  • Circle C Ranch (Golf Course trenched in 1998.)
  • Vineyard Bay Property Owner's Association
  • University of Texas: Colorado Apartments on West Lakeshore Drive.  Approx. 2,500 linear feet of trench in 1994.