Save Austin Oaks

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Save Austin Oaks Donors

A huge thanks to all our donors, volunteers, and to the following people and organizations for their invaluable help with this project:

  • Arborist Chris Dolan and the City of Austin
  • Austin Community Foundation
  • Christ Lutheran Church
  • Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association
  • Grotank Media
  • Guero's Restaurant
  • Hotel Saint Cecilia
  • Kenny Hilbig -- Realtor
  • South River City Citizens
  • South Congress Merchants' Association
  • Texas Forest Service
  • Milkshake Media
  • Elizabeth Brooks -- Realtor
  • Live Oak Brewery
  • Marla Camp, Impact Productions
$5,000 and up
  • City of Austin's Urban Forest Grant Program,
    administered through Austin Community Foundation
$1,000 - $4,999
  • South River City Citizens
    Trudy's Texas Star, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ladd
    Linda and Mark Ahern
$500 - $999
  • Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association
    Live Oak Brewing Co., L.C.
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Meyer
    Greg and Maria Marchbanks Family Foundation
    David Glassco
    Stephen Allison
$200 - $499
  • Mike Barr
    Julia Ardery and Bill Bishop
    Amy Lowrey and Jason Sugg
    Len and Sara Carr Newsom
    Claudette and Hugh Lowe
    William Bishop and Julia Ardery
    Elizabeth Weed and Steve Jackobs
    Ellen Breaux Morris
    Kelly Hilgers Winship
    M. John and Katherine Morton
    Mr. Joe Sanders and Ms. Natalie Tarrant
    Myra Goepp
    Green Mango Real Estate
    Matt Lynaugh and Gloria Lee
    Sharon Long
    A. R. Fielden
    Kent  C. Anschutz
    L. G. "Skip" Smith
    Max and Sheila Woodfin
    Jennifer Guthrie
    Jacob George and Deirdre O'Connor
    David Coufal
    Robin Sanders
    Dr. Ravi Bhargava
    Will Dibrell and Beverly Bajema
    Mr. Boyce Cabaniss
$100 - $199
  • Jeff Drewett
    Magnolia Cafe
    Jean and Bob Drew
    Patrick Van Haren
    Wallace and Pam Henderson
    Terry Franz and J. Sage White
    Long's Vacuum Cleaner
    Patty and John Trowbridge
    Wendy Erickson and Robert Sampson
    Melanie Martinez
    Brian Borack
    Jim Hightower
    Russell Scanlon
    Ann Gray Landeros
    Timothy S. Chapin
    Samuel and Carol Martin
    William Beardall and Jeanne Cook
    Susan Hightower and David Pasztor
    Anonymous Donor
    Cindy Hoffman
    Rachel Varon
    Mr. and Mrs. Marc Davis
    Robert Kellogg
    Anonymous Donor
    Donna J. Morrow
    Laurie J. Sines
    Ms. Dottie A. Wood
    Todd and Denise Wade
    Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Holder
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weaver
    Robert and Suzanne Hair Schuwerk
    Ms. Dianne Borges and Mr. Peter Schwarz
    Cheline Jaidar
    Anonymous Donor
    Allison Orr and Blake Trabulsi
    Don Garner
    Annie Todd
    Betsy Priest
    John Tongate
    Megan Spencer
    Craig M. Adair
    Nancy C. Lucas
    Margot Marshall
    Ms. Joan Walden
    Patrick D. Lopez
    Scott W. Stevens
    Bill Kalmbach
    Judith H. Langlois
    Mr. Victor L. Emanuel
    Mr. William J. Zanardi
    Ms. Deborah S. DeHaas
    Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Owens
    Michael and Teri Hubbeling
    William and Susann Cunningham
    Eric Anderson and Brenda Fondren
    Erik and Lisa Pearson
    Jac and Jeff
    Dodson Design
    John Stilwell and Maria Tucker
    Heidi Stanfield
    Danette Chimenti
    Melanie Sherwood
    David and Kay Burrough
    Richard Low and Melanie Sherwood
    Marla Camp
    Joseph Henry
    Brenda Brock
    David Feuerstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McPherson
    Wm. F. and Brooks Kasson